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Carolyn Maldonado

Five Stars_edited.png

It is important to be responsive to one's customer's requests, so when they ask for support we expect great service. Self Secured Systems is my choice.

Brandon Coats

Five Stars_edited.png

What a great company! Technician was very friendly and professional guy.

Migdalia Dominguez

Five Stars_edited.png

Always available and easy to work with; no job is too small nor too big.

Averil Mullenix

Five Stars_edited.png

Great service on the install of a camera system at one of our micro market's.

Kelley McAuliffe Curran

Five Stars_edited.png

If you are looking for home security or network help, Rodney is your person!

Shane Pilato

Five Stars_edited.png

These guys are the best! Dependable, quality work with vast skillsets.

Kim Vanwormer

Five Stars_edited.png

Amazing setup, you will not be disappointed! Cameras are high quality!

Luis M. Serrano

Five Stars_edited.png

Amazing service and professionalism; Self Secured Networks is your best choice for residential security.

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